ICSE 2011 Tutorials/ Technical Briefings

F1 Mon, June 4 Effective Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis of Software Engineering Data Full-day
F2 Mon, June 4 Self-Organizing Teams Cancelled
F3 Tue, June 5 Wolf Pack Programming Workshop - Real Time Collaboration hands-on Experience Cancelled
F4 Tue, June 5 Domain Specific Language Design Full-day
H1 Mon, June 4 Strategic Management of Technical Debt 9:00-12:30
H2 Mon, June 4 Positive Transitions from the Classroom to the Cubicle 14:00-17:30
H3 Mon, June 4 Multicore Software Engineering and Auto-Tuning 9:00-12:30
H4 Mon, June 4 SOA Migration in Practice 14:00-17:30
H5 Tue, June 5 Using Ethnographic methods in Software Engineering Research 9:00-12:30
H6 Tue, June 5 Mining Software Engineering Data 14:00-17:30
H7 Tue, June 5 Software Ecosystems - Implications for Strategy, Business Model and Architecture 9:00-12:30
B1 Tue, June 5 Understanding Machine Learning for Empirical Software Engineering 9:00-10:30
B2 Tue, June 5 Software Engineering in the Age of Data Privacy 11:00-12:30
B3 Tue, June 5 On the Use of Text Retrieval Techniques in Software Engineering 14:00-15:30
B4 Tue, June 5 Symbolic Techniques for Software Debugging 16:00-17:30
B5 Tue, June 5 Licensing Compliance Cancelled
B6 Tue, June 5 Software Release Engineering 16:00-17:30