New Faculty Symposium

Tuesday June 5, 2012

Co-Chairs: Martin Robillard and Wilhelm Schäfer


Becoming a new assistant professor or professional researcher is exciting but also challenging. The goal of the New Faculty Symposium is to help new faculty members and researchers get started by providing them with an opportunity to network with peers and hear advice from highly accomplished members of the community. This year the New Faculty Symposium will put the emphasis on networking and interaction throughout the symposium. Attendees will have many opportunities to discuss relevant issues with peers and senior members of the community in a relaxed atmosphere.

The New Faculty Symposium is designed to be a service to those who are within two years of (either before or after) their initial tenure track academic or research lab appointment, although the symposium may be of significant interest and value to others.


Session 1: Opening

Welcome message from the chairs

Introduction session and case studies

Participants will get a chance to know each other by discussing controversial situations and ethical dilemmas faced by new faculty members and researchers.


Session 2 (Invited Talks)

Developing a Research Agenda
Matt Dwyer (University of Nebraska, USA)

Establishing Strategic Funding
Joanne Atlee (University of Waterloo, Canada)


Special Lunch Session

European Grant Programs
Stefan Jähnichen (TU Berlin, Germany)


Session 3 (Invited Talks)

Promoting Your Ideas
Bertrand Meyer (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Teaching and Mentoring Students
Laurie Williams (North Carolina State University)


Session 4

Presentation of case studies and panel with invited speakers.