Our research focuses on virtual communication in two ways: first, as part of global leadership in Multinational Companies; second as part of educational learning in the latest field of academic journals: video online publishing.

Virtual Communication in global leadership is becoming crucial in the professional live of leaders. Today, many companies are born global. (Evans, Pucik, & Barsoux, 2002). Via Dynamic Social Network Analysis, we investigate how virtual communication and collaboration takes place in global companies. “Having people dispersed around the globe, connected virtually and working collectively, means that responsibility and initiative must be more widely distributed than ever before” (Ancona, 2006).

Virtual Communication in educational engineering focuses on more efficient knowledge transfer employing video article as opposed to traditional print journals. This allows scientists to integrate the information seen in a specific online video journal (JoVE) into academic research work. Furthermore, we foster the development of a virtual community of practice in order to establish discourse and learning.

Angelica Marte