The successful completion of a blended or purely virtual support of learners is one of the most challenging tasks in teaching activities. The success mainly depends on a sophisticated didactical design, organization and preparation and is based on a personal coaching concept through the communication and interaction process.

The research handles with the conceptual characteristics and the success factors of blended and virtual coaching and teaching activities. Beside the technological requirements and conditions, other emerging key factors are the building and maintaining of motivation, the creation and evolution of informal communication and the personal support of e-moderators, coaches and experts for the participant.

Our relevant research fields are:
Interactive communication in web-based coaching: The Computer mediated communication by emails within the learning process. This research focuses on written language and integrates aspects of nonverbal interaction strategies.

Blended Coaching: E-Tutorials and voluntarily learning groups for the support of learners. This research focuses on coaching concepts for learners in large classes at university. 

Semi-Virtual Seminars of the Educational Engineering


Claudia Schlienger, Kerstin Geiges