Many activities can create flow. With a more precise analysis, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi found different components which are common to flow-creating activities. This includes, for example, direct feedback to the activity or when we have reached the state for the activity.

There are already methods to measure flow. However, existing methods have the disadvantage that they either require extensive apparatuses (EEG etc.) or interrupt the flow themselves by directly querying the test subjects.

The goal within the scope of this research project should be to develop a method to measure the flow with the computer. The development of a flow with the measurement of flow using a computer should make it possible to display flow with the computer without complicated auxiliary devices or costly query procedures.

From the experience we have gained, a model may now be developed which makes flow visible while using a computer. This model should then be reinforced with empirical tests. The model can be validated again through conventional methods such as eye tracking. By displaying flow on the computer it is now possible to immediately determine the effect of changes to the program used.


Urs Hugentobler

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