The Design and implementation of software or other products for a practical context has to be managed in a project. Meanwhile it is a fact that IT projects are only successful when social aspects or soft factors are considered.  That means that different agents from different disciplines have to work together. Communication, coordination and conflict management become a success factor.

In our theoretical work we try to understand, why projects donít succeed. Which theories help us to explain the gap of understanding between software engineers and users. We find some answers in a systemic perspective and a complex view of software projects.

In our teaching work we are designing settings where students and professionals can reflect their behaviour and learn how to act in complex situations. We try to find out which competencies are important and how we can measure them.

In our consulting work we support IT departments in implementing a social oriented project management process.

Beate Kuhnt, Andreas Huber, Robert Stoyan, Werner Winkelmann