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Summer School

The Locomorph summer school was hosted in Denmark from 23-27 August at The University of Southern Denmark. We had 27 participating students from 17 different countries. The majority of the students were Ph.D. students, however, a few MSc students and a Post. Doc also attended.

At the summer school students were introduced to current knowledge and techniques in morphology and morphosis of animals and robots. Subjects included biology, biomechanics, modular robotics, robot learning, and embodied artificial intelligence and were presented by leading European experts. During the summer school, half of the time was reserved for hands-on group projects, where the students focused on building robots using LocoKit, which were used to experiment with biomechanical models or study how these models can be transferred to robotics with the additional aid of learning techniques. The seven robots built during the school gave the students deep, practical insights into morphology and morphosis in animals and robots.