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Call for Workshop Proposals

A series of workshops will be held in conjunction with RE'06 to encourage interaction between academia and industry, researchers and practitioners. Workshop topics should be in line with the conference topics.
Workshop proposals should clearly state the topic and overall objectives of the workshop; a short curriculum vitae of the proposed organizer(s) should also be included.
We are particularly interested in workshop proposals that cover topics that may have controversial viewpoints or are new to the requirements engineering field, where focused dialogue among participants may lead to interesting follow-on research, empirical investigations or industrial practice improvement.
Note that the workshops are intended to stimulate and prepare the workshop participants for the main conference in order to promote dialogue among participants before, during, and after the conference.

RE'06 Workshop Proposal Guidelines

All workshop proposals should contain the following information.

Objective of workshop

2-3 sentences about the topic and objectives.

What are the anticipated outcomes of the workshop (e.g., open research problems to pursue, validation objectives, empirical studies etc.)?

Targeted attendance

What type of background should the workshop attendees have?

What mix of industry and research participants is being sought?

What is the cap (max number of attendees) for the workshop?

Is the workshop open to the public or on invitation only?

Workshop paper format and evaluation

What type of papers are being solicited for the workshop (length, position, etc.)?

What type of evaluation process will be used (who will review the papers, how large will the PC be)?

How will the proceedings be published?

Workshop format

What will be the format for the workshop (e.g., paper presentations, breakout sessions, panel-like discussions, combination thereof)?


1 or 2 day?

Workshop proposer(s) background(s)

Brief bio of principal proposer(s) (Workshop chair or co-chairs)

List of workshop organizers (name, affiliation)

Evaluation criteria
Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Relevance to requirements engineering and topics targeted for RE'06

Potential for attracting sufficient number of participants

Experience of proposer(s)

All proposals should be sent (in PDF format) to Mikio Aoyama, the RE'06 Workshops Chair.