Research Associate

Educational Engineering Lab
Department of Informatics
University of Zurich
Andreasstrasse 15
CH - 8050 Zurich

Location: AND 2.42
Phone: +41 - (0)44 635 43 41
Fax: +41 - (0)44 635 68 54
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Research (Projects) & Interests

My main research project is to develop a systemic approch for IT project management including methods and techniques for handling social aspects.

As a consultant and coach I combine my research interest with projects in different international corporations.

Current I am a project leader of the advanced education program MAS in Informatics for Maturity Schools.

A Systemic Perspective on the Design of Computer Artefacts

EFI - MAS in Informatics for Maturity Schools

Coaching and Consulting

Seminars and Lectures

Short curriculum vitae (CV)

1978-1984 studies in Computer Science at Technical University Berlin, Germany    
1985-1989 teaching and courses at public schools in Berlin, Germany    
1985-1989 technical assistant in an architectural office, Berlin, Germany    
1987-1991 facilitator for "future workshops"    
1991-1992 project leader in a software project, Enter AG, Zurich, Switzerland    
1992-1998 research assistant at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, Software Engineering Group    
1995-1996 Continuing Education in "Systemischer Organisationsberatung", Scientific Institute for Consulting and communication, Paderborn, Germany    
1998 Dissertation in „Softwareentwicklung als systemische Intervention in Organisationen“    
1998-2005 Post-doc at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, Educational Engineering Lab
Administration and teaching in the continuing education course „Management and Leadership in complex IT projects“
Consulting projects in organisation development and project coaching
2005-2007 Design and Management of the Diploma of Advanced Studies in IT Project Management    
Since 2006 Lecturer in the Bachelor of Science in Informatics „Management and leadership of IT projects“    
Since 2007 Project Leader of the MAS in Informatics for Maturity Schools funded by the Hasler Foundation    

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