This pages lists the BSc. Theses topics currently available in our group. Don't hesitate to contact the respective person if you are interested in one of the topics. If you would like to write a thesis about your own idea you can propose it to the person most related to what you plan to do or you can contact Prof. Bernstein directly.



Show me your conflicts

Conflicts can cause severe problems in OWL2 knowledge bases. As OWL2 is the de-facto standard for expressing information in the Semantic Web, it is hence desirable to either repair, ignore or prevent conflicts. However, it is unclear how these conflicts look like, in general.

In your Bachelor's thesis you will search Semantic Web knowledge bases for conflics. You will document these conflicts, and investigate whether there are patterns that are typical for conflicts.

Contact: Thomas Scharrenbach


Source code meets the Web of Data

Hack the Java compiler! Your task is to use the OpenJDK java source code compiler and make it output RDF data instead of byte code. The goal is to have a model of the source code that is accessible for analyses through RDF and SPARQL. Evaluate your cracked-open compiler by dumping a series of open source projects written in Java (e.g. the eclipse project or JBoss).


Contact: Jonas Tappolet


Common places

In your thesis you will implement an application that uses information from the web to gather knowledge about how well-known a place is. It might answer the question how familiarity influences perceived distance. First of all this will mean to use the amount of hits of search engines as a measure and setting up a scale to rank place names. In a late stage further strategies may extend this measure. Location names will be provided by a database with place names.


Contact: Iris Helming


MultiPlan Visualizer

Implement a graphical browser of multiple hierarchical plans. The plans are retrieved from the eProPlan HTN planner via our IDA-API.
Use different graph layout algorithms or create your own to provide a nice visual representation of HTN plans.
The goal is to develop a user-friendly interface for plan visualization that can be integrated in Protégé or as a stand-alone application.


Contact:Floarea Serban  / Jörg-Uwe Kietz