Seminar on Intelligent Assistants

Intelligent Assistants are software applications that help the users to achieve their problems and tasks better and faster. They are based on approaches from artificial intelligence and try to improve their answers by interacting with the users. Moreover they use intelligent techniques and behavior studies to provide better support to the users.

In this seminar we are going to look at different types of intelligent assistants (intelligent desktop assistant, travel assistant, search assistant, task and time management assistant, data analysis assistant, etc.), identify how intelligence is achieved and how it can be improved. We will try to compare the different approaches and analyze their advantages and drawbacks.

Seminar description: 29.09.2010 at 16:00, Room BIN 1.D.07

Students' presentations: 26.11.2010 and 03.12.2010, Room BIN 1.B.01

Assistant: Floarea Serban


Material for the students

The list of papers