Herbst/Fall 2008

Important Information for Students from other Universities

All students from external universities who want to get credits (AP/ECTS) and marks need to enrol for the lecture online within the deadline (April 8th), equaly to 'our' students. In order to do so, they need an uni access login, which they get after registering at the "Lehrbereichssekretariat" (see

Students who already took lectures last term, have to register this term again! The registration is valid one term only!

More information can be found at:


"Hinweis: Die Informationen auf dieser Seite dienen zur Ergänzung des Vorlesungsverzeichnisses (VVZ). In Zweifelsfällen gelten immer die offiziellen Angaben im VVZ."

Herbstsemester 2008 (Autumn)

Distributed Systems - 477

Dozent: Dr. Spyros Voulgaris
Web: hier

Informatik für Ökonomen I - 296

Dozent: Dr. Stefan Sackmann
Web: hier


Alte Vorlesungen finden Sie hier.