i-MoCo : Mobile Conference Guide

Billion Triples Challenge Submission

All about the submission "i-MoCo: Mobile Conference Guide – Storing and querying huge amounts of Semantic Web data on the iPhone/iPod Touch"


- Browse conference publications (titles, authors, proceedings, citations) and find PDF files

- Browse authors, their publications, websites, and Wikipedia information

- Display publication locations in Google Maps

- Integrates SwetoDBLP, DBPedia, Citeseer, Geonames, and other ontologies ( ~200- 250 million triples can be stored and queried on an 8GB device)


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A list of all proceeding papers
Information about a paper (1) (Name, Proceeding, Year)
Information about a paper (2) (Authors, URL to PDF)
Information about a paper (3) (Cited papers)
Author (1) (Link to all author publications)
Author (2) (Link to further author details)
Author Details (1) (DBLP information)
Author Details (2) (Wikipedia information)
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