SEALS Meeting 2009

Welcome to the Zurich SEALS Meeting

The Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group is happy to welcome you to the Zurich SEALS meeting.
Please be sure to read the information below, register to the meeting, and check out the tentative program. Finally, a list of hotels is provided here.

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How to get here

The Department of Informatics is located in the Oerlikon District of Zurich half-way between the airport and downtown Zurich. It is conveniently located near the Oerlikon train station and next to the tram station Leutschenbach.

The department has a detailed description of how to get to its building here. A map providing an overview can be found to the right.

An interactive map can be found here. A Google Street-view of the building here.

From the airport

Taking a taxi from Unique Zurich Airport (Flughafen) to our offices is the easiest way (around CHF 35.00).

There are also direct trains to Oerlikon (S2 and/or S16) which take 4 minutes: Follow the signs to the underground train station, three levels down. The escalator proof luggage carts in the baggage arrival area are free of charge and can be taken down all the way to the train station. Before taking the last stairs down to the train tracks make sure to purchase a ticket either from a ticket window or from a ticketing machine.
Once in Oerlikon you will have a 5 minute walk to the department (refer to map on the right; our building is called BIN).

Last but not least you can also take the tram number 10 and exit at the Leutschenbach Tram station right around the corner from the department. The Tram is slower than the train (probably about 15 minutes travel time) and leaves the airport every 15 minutes, but the Leutschenbach Tram station is literally around the corner.

For both options you need the exact same ticket to Zurich. The cost to any location within the city limits is the same and most machines either let you choose "Zurich" on the display or you can type in "8000" (Zurich's ZIP code) and pay the fee. A one-way ticket is 6.20 CHF and a 24 hour ticket 12.40 CHF. Some machines take only cash, others allow you to use a credit or Maestro card with PIN.

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Practical information about the meeting and Zurich/Switzerland

We will have most meetings taking place in rooms on the first floor of the BIN building. Just come to room 1.D.06 (that is on the first floor, in the D section of the building, room number 06). We will have the direct way sign-posted. 
Just in case: when entering the building turn right, and take the elevators one floor up. exit, turn left and go all the way straight (through a number of glass doors).

Switzerland is not part of the EU. We, therefore:

  • have our own currency (Swiss Francs; with the acronyms SFr. or CHF). You definitely want to have some Swiss Francs as our canteen will not take Euros and thats where we will go for lunch. 
  • Also, we have different power plugs (see image on the right, which is shown by courtesy of the wikipedia)!
    You may want to bring a Plug adaptor. We will have a limited number available


We will provide network access by ethernet cables in the meeting rooms. The university does provide a centralized WLAN infrastructure, but it only works if your home-institution participates in Eduroam and you use the correct technology... so I would not bank on it.

Also, as by request, we will have a printer in the main meeting room.

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