Department of Informatics

Spring Term 2011

The IFI colloquium talks will be held at the date indicated below. They start at 5.15 pm.

Date Speaker Title Place Lang. Host
Thursday 3.3.2011 Dr. Jochen Leidner
Thomson Reuters Global Resources, Switzerland
From Google to Thomson Reuters and Back: the Application of Machine Learning to Text Analytics in Business Settings BIN 2.A.01 English Martin Volk
Thursday 10.3.2011 Prof. Dr. Daniel G. Aliaga
Purdue University, U.S.A.
Designing Smarter Cities by Integrating Urban Behavioral and Geometrical Modeling BIN 2.A.01 English Renato Pajarola
Thursday 17.3.2011 Prof. Ph.D. Wolfgang Prinz
FhG, FIT, Germany
Social Media, Augmented Reality Smartphones und Surface Computing für die Kommunikation und Kooperation BIN 2.A.01 English Gerd Schwabe
Thursday 24.3.2011 Dr. Michèle Sebag
LRI, Universite Paris-Sud, France
A One-player Game Approach for Active Learning BIN 2.A.01 English Abraham Bernstein
Thursday 31.3.2011 Prof. Dr. Christoph Koch
EPFL, Switzerland
DBToaster: Aggressive Compilation Techniques for On-line Aggregation BIN 2.A.01 English Michael Böhlen
Thursday 7.4.2011 Prof. Dr. Martin Robillard
McGill University, Canada
Assessing and Improving API Usability BIN 2.A.01 English Harald Gall
Thursday 26.5.2011 Prof. Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Taking Care when Designing for Care: HCI and Health IT BIN 2.A.01 English Elaine Huang

General Information

The colloquia are held in English and take place from 5.15 to  6.30 PM in room 2.A.01 at the Department of Informatics (ifi), Binzmühlestrasse 14, 8050 Zürich. After the talks there is time for discussions and to exchange ideas while enjoying a glass of wine or a soft drink and munchies.

Visiting a colloquium is free of charge and does not require registration.

If you have further questions please contact Evelyne Berger.

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