HomeSys 2013

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Important dates

Submission deadline for optional papers: May 24, 2013, midnight PST
Notification deadline: June 7, 2013
Camera-ready deadline: June 21, 2013, midnight PST
Register for the workshop/conference: find deadlines and rates here
We encourage early registration as not only conference rates but also workshop rates will be lower.
Attend the workshop: September 9, 2013 (Monday)

Workshop Participation

We will have four optional contribution types (please find further submission details here):
  1. Visionary presentations, aka "help the audience think about homes in a new way". How will technology shape homes (and homes shape technology) going into the future? What trends in technology and in society will affect the course of this research area?
  2. Reflective presentations, aka "help the audience think about how best to conducting research into homes". What new tools or techniques enable new research in homes? What lessons have you learned from past work that others can benefit from? Can you give an intro into other related fields of work that the UbiComp/CS community is relatively unaware of?
  3. Videos. We invite videos showcasing your existing research (of any sort - new devices, new applications, user studies, ethnographies, etc). You may reuse videos (if you have copyright permission) that you have previously shown, if it is relatively new to this audience, and you may reuse a video that is submitted to the main track of UbiComp 2013. We welcome videos of demos.
  4. Posters. We invite posters presenting work-in-progress, a valuable way to get interactive feedback for your latest projects. This can be the same poster as you've presented elsewhere, and can be concurrently submitted to the main posters track at UbiComp 2013.

Workshop Format

To keep the workshop interactive, we will use the "plenary" sessions for types of contribution which are designed to maximize discussion: visionary and reflective presentations (as above) as well as other fun interactive sessions (e.g. outrageous opinions, discussions, etc), and a breakout session. However we welcome other types of contribution (complete and in-progress research) via videos and posters.

For all of the paper types above, a formal paper submission of up to 8 pages is OPTIONAL. In other words, if you want to have a paper published in the UbiComp 2013 adjunct proceedings in the ACM digital library, you may submit one for review by the deadline below (find further details here). But if you just want to present in the workshop, then you can also submit a proposal for participation by that deadline that does not include a formal paper but helps us in our planning. All accepted formal papers will be presented in some fashion (e.g. speaking time, or poster, or video, as appropriate and decided by the chairs).

Important dates

Submission for optional papers: May 24, 2013
Notification: June 7, 2013
Camera-ready: June 21, 2013, midnight PST
Registration: find deadlines and rates here
Attend: Sept 9, 2013 (Monday)
Thanks for your participation and interest!

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In conjunction with UbiComp 2013, the 2013 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing.