Vania Guerra (supported by Julian Ebert) building her first snowman.

17.12.2008, Institut für Informatik


1. Symposium "JUST DO IT's your school...your future" - eine medienpädagogische und architektonische Herausforderung.

Legende (von links nach rechts): Tarek Leitner (Moderation), Prof. Ursula Niessner, MSc., Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Helmut Schauer, Dipl.Päd. Dr. Gerda Kysela-Schiemer, MA., Univ.Prof. Dr. Christian Swertz, Christoph E.H. Lechner, Univ.Prof. Dr. Stefan Aufenanger

7.4.2008, Wien

Tsuy Ito und Prof. Rolf Pfeifer vor dem Stand "Evolutionäres, spielerisches Lernen" im Rahmen der wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultätstagen "Informatik im Lichthof".

5.4.2008, Universität Zürich

Madan Padaki (Co-Founder and CEO of MeritTrac) and Prof. Helmut Schauer seal their cooperation.

1. April 2008, Zürich

Future Network
1. Internationale Konferenz - Web 2.0, Social Networking & Trendanalyse in Zürich


Retreat of members of the project management team.
Fall 2006, Tessin

Signing the Sponsoring Contract with getunik AG for our new doctoral assistant Tsuy Ito. From left to right: Renato Bernhard (member of the management, getunik), Prof. Helmut Schauer, Tsuy Ito and Marco Zaugg (managing director, getunik).

December 2005

Prof. Helmut Schauer at his 60. birthday party!

December 2003

Adele Goldberg, visiting our group. Adele is one of the creators of Smalltalk, former president of the ACM and more generally one of the most respected people in the software field.

June 2002

Prof. H. Schauer and Prof. H. Mandl with students of Sharif Unniversity in Tehran discussing distance education projects.

June 2002

Prof. Dr. Khalili Araghi (chancellor of the University of Teheran) presenting the buildings for the recently established Distance Education Competence Center.

June 2002

Helmut Schauer with other members of the jury for the 2002 Worlddidac Award.

March 2002

Prof. Dr. Mansour Khalili-Araghi, Chancellor of the University of Teheran and two of his advisors visiting our group to discuss possible cooperations with respect to eLearning and virtual campus activities.

March 2002

Our team in a summer retreat in Kloster Kappel.

Summer 2001

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