Katharina Reinecke

I completed my PhD on Culturally Adaptive User Interfaces in May 2010 under the supervision of Avi Bernstein and Anthony Jameson. I'm currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Intelligent Interactive Systems group at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. My web page with information on my current work can be found here.  


Research interests

I'm especially interested in Human-Computer Interaction and how this differs between users of different cultural backgrounds. My aim is to detect such differences and improve user satisfaction and work efficiency with the help of machine learning.

In my PhD thesis, I developed an approach to Culturally Adaptive User Interfaces, and evaluated our prototype system with users of different nationalities, such as Rwandans, Thai, Swiss, Germans, as well as multicultural users from all over the world (it's amazing how much people seem to move around..). For our work on cultural adaptivity we received the 1st prize in the Swiss Computer Science Challenge '08, and the Best Paper Award at UMAP'09.

For more up-to-date information on my research, feel free to have a look at my new page


Student Advisor

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Contact info:

Email: reinecke [at]



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