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March 20, 2004:   SI-SE 2004 is over. We hope you enjoyed it. If you missed it, consider
March 20, 2004:   attending another SI-SE event in the future.

March 27, 2004:   Tutorial notes and talk by Sridhar Iyengar are now available for download.
March 27, 2004:   Tutorial (PDF, 1.8 MB)     Talk (PDF, 3.1 MB)


Hyper or hype: will components make a significant and lasting contribution to the solution of software engineering problems or are they just like a wave which will pass by and fade out as other waves have?

We have invited leading experts in the field and asked them to shed light on various aspects of components in software engineering. They will talk about opportunities and problems of component technology and will also give practical advice on what can be done with components in software engineering.

With this symposium, SI-SE celebrates its 10th anniversary. You are all invited to celebrate with us.


Prof. Martin Glinz, University of Zurich
Dr. Hans-Peter Hoidn, IBM Zurich


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Martin Glinz    2004-03-27