Institut für Informatik
der Universität Zürich
Winterthurerstrasse 190
CH 8057 Zurich, Switzerland

Technical Report
No. 2003-01

ADORA+: a Graphical Modeling Language Supporting Evolutionary Specification

Yong Xia , Martin Glinz
{xia, glinz}

The notion of partial and evolutionary specification has gained attention both in research and industry in the last years. While many people regard this just as a process issue, we are convinced that it is as well a language problem. Unfortunately, UML is not expressive enough to deal with evolutionary information in the system. In this paper, we propose an extension to a graphic modeling language called Adora which is developed in our research group. We conservatively extend the semantics of two constructs: the is-partial indicator and the abstract relationship in Adora to express evolutionary information. Based on the extended semantics, we also define a static semantics (well-formedness rules) and a refinement calculus for the structural, behavioral and user views of Adora. This makes the evolutionary specification to be written in a controlled and systematic way, while the consistency and integrity checking during the system refinement can be mechanically carried out by a tool based on our formal definition.

A working version of the report can be downloaded as a PDF files here. (20-May-2003 newly updated)