]> http://www.ifi.uzh.ch/ddis/evoont/2008/10/vom/vom.owl Dynamic and Distributed Systems Group, University of Zurich, http:www.ifi.uzh.ch/ddis The version ontology model describes the enities related to versioning systems. These are, e.g., CVS or Subversion. The basic elements are Paths (abstract form of a file or folder but without any content information), Versions (the content and metadata of a Path during a certain time instant) and Releases (a collection of a version of certain paths) 4.1 licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Switzerland License, see http:www.ifi.uzh.ch/ddis/evo Jonas Tappolet denotes who created an entity, i.e. a Path, Version or Release points to child elements of a path element. This property is transitive meaning that a query returns the whole chain of hasChild relations. points to a parent element of a path. This property is transitive meaning that a query returns the whole chain of hasParent relations. points from a repository to a release that is defined within this repository. relates a version with a path. As a path is a unique identifier, the version of a path refers to the different states (contents) this paths describes during time. links a path with a repository. A repository describes a closed collection of certain documents (paths, versions and releases) denoted to which repository a specific path belongs to. Points to an entity (object) this Person (subject) is author of. denotes to which repository a specific release belongs to. relates a version with a path points to the latest version (object) of a path (subject) points to the latest version (object) of the path (subject) points to a subsequent version (object) of a version (subject) points to the precedent version (object) of a certain version (subject) the date when an entity in the repository was created. the full pathname. The name property of a path might only describe the folder's or file's name. a string message composed by the author of a version. This message typically contains a human readable form of the changes that lead to this new version. the name of the entity. In case of a Release, this is the identifier of the release. In case of a Path, this is the file or folder name. a version does not have a name for identification in the repository but a number that is continuously incremented. a Path is an abstract entity of a filesystem path. It is not linked to any specific content of a file but to versions of this content. a Release is a selection of versions of different files. A release must not contain two or more versions of the same file. A Version describes an entity's state at a certain time instant. A version always points to exactly one physical version of the content of a file. Versions are linked between each other using the properties hasPreviousVersion / hasNextVersion.