]> Jonas Tappolet 4.1 Dynamic and Distributed Systems Group, University of Zurich, http:www.ifi.uzh.ch/ddis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Switzerland License, see http:www.ifi.uzh.ch/ddis/evo Activities form a certain kind of log, tracking the changes occuring to an Issue Attachments are files sent in together with the Issue's text or a comment a blocker denotes an issue which needs to be fixed in order to fix dependant defects. The issue is closed, no more work or actions are planned on this issue A comment on a certain Issue a Component of the software system an Issue may refer to. A ComputerSystem is the definition of an execution enviroment. The issue is of critical importance for the software project A Defect is an Issue which is particularly about the malfunction of a software system. this issue has already been addressed elsewhere An Enhancement is an Issue related to the functional extension of a software system. Work-around classification for features the issue is fixed The description / content of the issue is insufficient An Issue is an entity defining a certain topic concerning the development of a software system. An issue can be classified or discussed about. For various reasons, an issue may be fixed in a later stage of the project Major importance A Milestone refers to a planned version of a software system. Minor importance The initial state of an issue a Product is a functionally independant software system. This issue is marked as a reminder for later development work. The resolution gives a hint about the inner state of an issue State of an issue when it is believed to be fixed. This state may change when an issue goes into another fixing cycle. Severity classifies issues This issue is due to a bug in a third party software component. Trivial importance State of an issue when it has been approved This issue won't be fixed (various reasons, i.e. it's a feature not a bug) The described malfunction cannot be reproduced