Semantic Web Working Symposium
Position Papers

(The position papers are also available as one large PDF file (2MB))

Supporting Knowledge Discovery on the Semantic Web by Exploiting the Semantics of Complex Relationships
K. Anyanwu, A. Sheth

Towards a Knowledge-Level Software Platform
Avron Barr, Shirley Tessler and Buddy Kresge

Wireless Need for the Semantic Web
David Boncarosky

The PIA Project: Learning to Semantically Annotate Texts from an Ontology and XMLInstance Data
Nigel Collier, Koichi Takeuchi, Keita Tsuji

Delivering Configurable Problem-Solving Services to Web Users
Monica Crubézy and Mark A. Musen

Semantic Web Workshop
Karl D'Adamo

Extension of RDF(S) with Contextual and Definitional Knowledge
Alexandre Delteil, Catherine Faron-Zucker, Rose Dieng

Implications of Semantic Web Technology for Wireless Handheld Computing
Charles Earl

Applications of the Semantic Web for document retrieval
Andreas Eberhart

Update Semantics for Cooperative Ontologies
Peter Eklund, Peter Becker and Philippe Martin

Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure Supporting the Semantic Web
Johannes Ernst

Logics for the Semantic Web
James Farrugia

Ontologies: Dynamic Networks of Formally Represented Meaning
Dieter Fensel

Semantic Web Workshop
Christian Fillies

Creating the Semantic Web: the Role of an Agricultural Ontology Server (AOS)
Frehiwot Fisseha, Kat Hagedorn, Johannes Keizer, and Stephen Katz

A proposal of infra-structural needs on the framework of the Semantic Web for ontology construction and use
Asunción Gómez-Pérez

Semantic Web and Adaptive Multimedia Access
Yoshihisa Gonno, Fumihiko Nishio, Tomohiro Tsunoda, Yasuaki Yamagishi

Semantics for Scientific Data: Smart Dictionaries as Ontologies
Syd Hall, Nick Spadaccini, Doug du Boulay and Ian Castleden

SWWS 2001 Position Paper
Sandro Hawke

Realizing Visions for the Web
Karl Hebenstreit

A Position Paper: Semantic Web Testbed for Manufacturing B2B
Nenad Ivezic, Michael Gruninger, Al Jones, Steve Ray

The Role of Semantics and Inference in the Semantic Web: A Commercial Challenge
Rob Jasper, Anita Tyler

Semantic Web Position Paper
J.D. Edwards

Building a Semantic Web for the Intelligence Community
Brian Kettler

VR Communities and the Semantic Web Authors
Mike Lindelsee, Gabe Wachob

Expertise Matching using RDF
Ping Liu, Jayne Curson, Peter Dew, and Richard Drew

Project Renaissance: A Semantic Web Based Java Framework for Knowledge Management
Marcus Miguel Maciel

A Machine Learning Perspective for the Semantic Web
Alexander Maedche

Maritime Transportation and the SemanticWeb
Raphael Malyankar

REA Ontology Use in ebXML and the UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology (N90)
Guido Geerts, William McCarthy

Description Logics Emerge from Ivory Towers
Deborah L. McGuinness

SWWS Position Paper
Bryan Pelz, Steven Minton

Toward a knowledge portal in environmental health: taking advantage of the semantic web
Bernard Moulin

The Conceptual Web - our research vision.
Ambjörn Naeve, Mikael Nilsson, Matthias Palmér

Management of Data, Knowledge, and Metadata on the Semantic Web: Experience with a Pharmacogenetics Knowledge Base
Diane Oliver, Micheal Hewett, Daniel Rubin, Joshua Stuart, Teri Klein, and Russ Altman

Advertising and Matching DAML-S Service Descriptions
Terry R. Payne, Massimo Paolucci, Katia Sycara

Digital Library Portal using Semantic Tools in WWWPal
John R. Punin and Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy

Linguistic Techniques and Standards for Semantic Mark-up
James Pustejovsky

A Prototype DAML+OIL Ontology IDE
Abir Qasem

Towards a User-Focused Approach to the Semantic Web
Scott Tsao and Christina Portillo

Semantically Marked Up... What?
Simon Buckingham Shum, John Domingue and Enrico Motta

Semantic Web Position Paper
Carolyn Sleeth

How the Semantic Web can work with the Web Services?
Naohiko Uramoto

ONTOSERVER - Infrastructure for the Semantic Web
Raphael Volz

Semantics for Multimedia on the Web
B.J. Wielinga, A. Th. Schreiber, J. Wielemaker