Getting to SWWS

The workshop will be on Stanford Campus. Registration (Monday from 8am-9am) and plenary sessions are in the TCSEQ Building, just opposite to the Gates Building (Computer Science Department) at Stanford University. See here for a map of the TCSEQ Building, a Campus Map is also available. Please look at the schedule.

Parking and Driving

The first thing to know about parking and driving on the Stanford Campus is: it is impossible. And if it is not impossible, it is very expensive, since parking permits are required. So the advice is: use public transportation whenever possible. Stanford has the very good Marguerite Shuttle System (which is free!) reaching campus and a large part of Palo Alto. So if you are in Palo Alto, by all means use the Marguerite System. Information and maps are available at . Most lines stop directly in front of the TCSEQ Center or the Gates Bldg - please look for an appropriate line.

If you still decide to use the car (you have been warned!):
Visitors are asked to use $1.50/hour coin-metered spaces (available at the parking structure) or to purchase one-day 'Visitor' scratchers (which allow parking in all lots and at meters), available for $12.00

'Visitor' scratchers are available at: shows the (sometimes) available parking spaces.

For more information visit the Stanford University Transportation Office page.

Driving Directions to a parking garage:

Walking from the Parking Garage:
Breakfast and Breakfast

We will provide breakfast (from 8am to 9.00am) and lunch (included in the registration fee).
Both will be available at the TCSEQ center.

The Weather

It is warm and sunny in Stanford. gives you an idea what to expect in the next couple of days. You can use to convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Network Connection

We will provide wireless Ethernet (811.2b compatible) in all rooms, but we can't provide enough power plugs. So bring your wireless network card and don't forget the batteries!

For the Speakers

All rooms provide a computer and overhead projector, but no computer. It is certainly a good idea to have overhead slides ready in case something goes wrong with the projector. Internet connection (wireless and wired) will be provided - if you need wired connection please preconfigure your computer to DHCP (if you don't know how to do that you probably don't want internet connectivity).

Social Events

We have two social events: on monday there will be a the workshop banquet (which requires an extra ticket, not included in the workshop fee). On tuesday we have the joint reception with ICCS, which is included in the workshop registration fee. Both events are in the Stanford Faculty Club.