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Moved! Check the new webpage: http://www.ics.mq.edu.au/~diego/

Hi, welcome to my home page. My full name is Diego Mollá Aliod, where my family name is the double word Mollá Aliod. It is like a hyphenated surname, but without any hyphen!

Email:   molla@ifi.unizh.ch

Address: University of Zurich
         Department of Information Technology
         Computational Linguistics
         Winterthurerstrasse 190
      CH-8057 Zurich

Tel:    +41-1-635-6721
Fax:    +41-1-635-6809
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Research interests

My general research interests lie in the intersection between linguistics and computer science. Anything that has to do with the understanding of human languages and how this understanding can be used in practical computer applications strikes bells in my head. Research and projects that have taken all my attention at some point are:

Answer extraction

Until the end of October I was participating in ExtrAns, an answer extraction system. Relevant links are:

New! From Nov. 1999 my main research is focusing in an extension of ExtrAns, which is temporarily called WebExtrAns.

Tense and aspect

In particular, my PhD focused on a formal specification of a subset of the aspectual interactions between nouns and verbs. Relevant links are:

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