Pro3Gres: A low-complexity, broad-coverage statistical Dependency Parser for English


The Pro3Gres Parser: Overview

Pro3Gres stands for PRObability-based, PROlog-implemented Parser for RObust Grammatical Relation Extraction System. It is a fast, broad-coverage, deep-syntactic parsing system. It is a flexible and perspicuous hybrid parser using easily editable hand-written rules and statistical lexicalization from the Penn Treebank. Its performance is state-of-the-art or almost state-of-the-art. Its statistical model is based on the decisions that (a human or a machine) parser has to take during the parsing process.

It is a Dependency Grammar system, inspired by the works of Tesnère and Lexcial-Functional Grammar (LFG) [Schneider et al. 2004b].

Potential applications of Pro3Gres, some of which are already being explored, include:

Selected Publications and Presentations

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