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PD Dr Corinne Zellweger Gutknecht


Corinne Zellweger-Gutknecht is a professor of private law, financial market and monetary law at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences and a Privatdozentin holding a venia legendi in private and civil procedure law, financial market law and comparative law from the University of Zurich Faculty of Law. Previous to joining the Kalaidos Law School faculty, she was an associate professor at the University of Geneva. She has, among other subjects, taught financial market law and monetary law at the Universities of Geneva and Zurich. For more than seven years, Corinne worked for one of the Swiss big banks. She has authored books and numerous articles, including publications on central bank issued digital currencies and other monetary law topics.

Corinne's ongoing research concerns predominantly the area of monetary law, cybercurrencies and digital legal tender. Currently, she supervises a PhD student writing a thesis on the topic of cryptocurrencies.


means of payment, payment systems, financial infrastructure, money transfer, smart contracts, contract performance, jurisdictional and applicable law issues, legal status of digital coins, digital property ownership, intermediated securities

Related Publications

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