In-Memory Computing and the Future of Business Software

Dr. Stefan Sigg, Senior Vice President, SAP AG

Datum: Mittwoch, 16.02.2011

Zeit: 09:30 - 10:30

Ort: 24-G-45 (Videoübertragungsort: 24-G-55)

In-memory computing leverages ground-breaking technology innovation to establish a continuous real-time link between insight, foresight, and action to deliver significantly accelerated business performance and reduced TCO. In-memory computing combines both transactions and analytics to dramatically improve existing business processes and enables a whole new breed of innovative new business solutions. In-memory computing is made possible through recent technology advances in main memory, multi-core processing, and data management which combine to deliver dramatic increases in performance.

By going beyond just analytics, and just in-memory databases, new applications are targeted to enable customers to establish an unification of insight, foresight, and action. In practical terms, this equates (for instance) to better operational planning, simulation, and forecasting; better storage, search, and ad-hoc analysis of today's information – combining structured data with unstructured data from the web; and enables mixed workloads – analytics, performance management, and operations in a single system.

The keynote will elaborate on recent technology trends, new products, and a roadmap towards a next generation of Business Software.



From Closed to Open to Transparent Software Development - How Eclipse Changed My Views on Software Development

Dr. Erich Gamma, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Jazz Technical Lead, IBM Zurich Research Lab

Datum: Donnerstag, 17.02.2011

Zeit: 09:00 - 10:00

Ort: 24-G-45 (Videoübertragungsort: 24-G-55)

I was lucky to be part of the Eclipse effort from the very beginning. I have spent more than five years on this effort. I am still excited about it  and I have learnt many lessons along the way. Interestingly these lessons  cover many different areas like architecture, agile development practices, transparency, team collaboration, community building. In this talk I will reflect on this journey and share these experiences. To conclude my talk, I will describe how these experiences influenced Jazz and Rational Team Concert efforts I’m currently working on.



Thinking out of the Box: Innovation Culture as Success Model for State-of-the-art Organisation Development

Klaus Rausch, CTO and Member of the Executive Board, Avaloq Evolution AG

Datum: Freitag, 18.02.2011

Zeit: 10:30 - 11:30

Ort: 24-G-45 (Videoübertragungsort: 24-G-55)

A company depends on people who are capable of lateral thinking, because they promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and stimulate the innovation. The culture of lateral thinking is of fundamental value to Avaloq. However, it needs continuous nourishment and encouragement. Avaloq therefore supports employees, partners and customers with a plethora of measures for liberating thinking patterns. This is the only way how to invent today what will be true for the future, and to establish our position in the market as an innovative company. Klaus Rausch, CTO of Avaloq Evolution AG, is happy to offer you interesting insights into the well-renowned innovation culture of the internationally fast growing company and to show you the impressive path from management buyout to a leading supplier of integrated banking software solutions.